Saturday, December 6, 2008

Obama Transition Team Halts Work Upon Discovering New Facebook Application

Report by Jan Sommerset, RI Chapter

According to sources close to the Obama-Biden Transition Team, preparations for the new Administration came to a screeching halt earlier this week after a couple members of the team received invites for MyFarm on Facebook.  The application, which is a virtual farming simulator, was quickly shared with other members of the team.  By Wednesday, the team’s focus had shifted from matters of State to sending trees, horses, cows, and chickens to each other, as well as planting and harvesting various crops.

In a press conference Friday, Obama announced that his virtual farm was doing very well.  “I am pleased to announce that I have raised enough MyFarm cash to buy a barn,” reported the President-Elect, “and plan to harvest a heathy crop of apples early tomorrow.”  Obama, who noted that he favors planting strawberries and rice rather than potatoes, disclosed plans to buy a chicken coop early next week.

Reacting to some criticism from Conservative groups, who expressed concern that the Facebook distraction may set the Nation’s economic recovery back months, Obama offered, “If you send me a friend request, I’ll send you a couple goats.”