Sunday, April 25, 2010

White House Bowling Alley Turned Pot Head Paradise

Report by Avis Jorgeson, CA Chapter

The White House has undergone many aesthetic changes over the years.  Each new First Family brings its own sense of style and preferences.  First Ladies bring their own sense of fashion to the living areas, while the President chooses furnishings for the Oval Office.  Among the controversial changes made by President Obama was replacing a portrait of Abraham Lincoln in the Oval Office with an artist’s rendering of Obama’s political hero, Adolf Hitlter.  Flaunting Socialist and tyrannical leanings is one thing, but White House historian and legal expert Walter Williams of the Millwright Institute says, “never has a President paraded his distain for U.S. law and the Office of the President as turning the White House into a working marijuana farm.”  The marijuana farm to which Williams refers is a room that was a bowling alley from Nixon’s time until just a few months ago.  Obama has since converted that room to house dozens of hydroponic marijuana plants which he grows for “green technology experiments and personal use”.

Obama, who sought to keep his indoor marijuana crop a secret, according to a White House source, was forced to reveal his illegal garden after a photographer to a picture of him leaving Air Force One caring a book titled The Homegardeners Guide to Growing Marijuana.