Sunday, November 9, 2008

Citizens Outraged at Growing Government

Report by Paul Reynolds, CT Chapter

From Maine to Oregon and all across our increasingly regulated country, the citizenry is reacting with fury to a government which has broken all Constitutional bounds and grown into a tyrannical behemoth.  What was supposed to be limited to virtually only foreign affairs, including national defense, and interstate commerce, the Federal Government has shaken off its Constitutional chains in order to police the daily lives of all Americans.  Roger Denehey. of the government watchdog group Constitution Restoration League contends, “The Federal Government abuses taxation to regulate speed limits and drinking ages, abuses the Interstate Commerce clause to regulate self-subsistence farmers, and creates hysteria to pass such abhorrent unconstitutional laws as the USA PATRIOT Act.”  

Reactions to the growing abuses of the Federal Government are growing in boldness.  Demonstrations in New York City, Los Angeles, and all major cities in between are increasing in frequency despite the arrests and illegal detention of protestors.  Additionally, anti-government graffiti is being found in inner cities and rural outposts alike.  In the boldest move to date, an unknown group defaced Mt. Rushmore over the weekend, painting “the gov’t sux” in huge letters below the face of George Washington.  Denehey, in commenting on the Rushmore graffiti suggested, “given the state of our government today, George, Tom, Abe, and Teddy would probably agree with the sentiment.”

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