Saturday, June 13, 2009

Study Shows Congress Still Doesn’t Know it Sucks

Report by Paul Willis, MI Chapter

In a follow up to a study done last year by Southern Michigan State University, it is reported that although more Americans than ever have lost faith in Congress, our elected official still have no clue that they suck.  Although their approval rating has plunged to about 6%, down from 13% less than a year ago, still, fewer than 5% of sitting Congressmen realize that they are despised by nearly 75% of the population.  Senator Bob Bennett (R-UT), who couldn’t be convinced last year that the study referred to both Republicans and Democrats, maintained that “Americans love Republicans” despite the electoral beat down the GOP received last November.  Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Spector, recent convert to the Democrats, echoed Barbara Boxer’s (D-CA) sentiment from a year ago.  “I believe, deep down, Americans like a good screwing,” said Spector, “Republicans seem dejected since November, they don’t have the same enthusiasm for violating the American people that they had during the [George W.] Bush Administration.  I was forced to switch parties because of the new vigor with which Democrats have embraced remorselessly defiling the people of this great nation.”


The Exaggerator said...

Have you considered the likelihood that the survey in question may have built-in flaws, biases and/or "spin" designed to deliberately mislead or confuse readers?

(As if that weren't enough, the Rasmussen and Zogby surveys have been widely known to show conservative bias by deliberate design. Do a Google.)

kathcom said...

Although your point that Congress is clueless is obviously true, isn't this actually a piece of satire? The Exaggerator has confused me with his comment.

I don't think Arlen Spector would utter those words without intense questioning by Jack Bauer.

Johnny Letter said...

I think I'd be more likely to get a response to my letter if I wrote to the pile of dung, as opposed to my congress members.

Lee K. Sandchives said...

Wow - this blog is better than The Onion!!!

aa said...