Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Fashionable 8 Ball Style Jackets are Back!

Attention Cadets!
Don't let your friends catch you without your high fashion AoE "Eye Ball" Jacket.  This quality jacket will never go out of style!  See your Company Commander to order yours today.
Also, we are less than a week away from fresh Newsletters!  Our new news apparatus is just days away from publication.  Keep track of the dirty deeds committed by our government.  Read it here or see your Company Commander for home delivery.


Stephanie M said...

I guess I am just wondering if this is the same all-seeing eye used by our government on our currency? How can I know for sure you aren't connected somehow with the government? Or the Templar Nights? Or the Free Masons?

On careful watch, Nancy

blackjack6 said...

I liked them so much I bought the company that makes them