Thursday, March 20, 2008

Group Swiftly Quashes Candidate Probe

Group Swiftly Quashes Candidate Probe

Report by Roger Marsh, OH Chapter

The Organization, or “The Group” as it apparently prefers to be called, moved quickly to stop rumors of impropriety on the part of its choice for President. Barrack Obama’s past was scrutinized recently, by way of his passport records, in an effort to ascertain more information about the heir-apparent to the American Throne. Condoleezza Rice, a well-documented tool of The Group, quickly fired two of the three perpetrators, who worked for the State Department, and sanctioned the third, who turned on his compatriots. Since the firing of the two, nobody has seen or heard from them and some insiders speculate that they have been permanently silenced.

It is clear to the DC insiders that this reporter has spoken with, on the condition of anonymity, that Obama is The Group’s chosen one, and that any effort to forestall their selection will be swiftly and decisively addressed. The Group has a history of enforcing their will with drastic measures. It has been widely rumored that there were a multitude of questionable deaths in the wake of President Bill Clinton’s meteoric rise to power. Though no independent source could conclusively link the murders to Clinton or his supporters, among those familiar with The Group, it is their well-established modus operandi to remove any and all impediments to the election of their chosen son.

“Obama will be President, The Group will see to that,” stated a noted DC source, “and there is nothing you, or I, nor any well meaning independent investigator can do about it.” It seems that The Group enjoys the fallacy of the people electing an agent of change, when the result is invariably more bad, or worse, news for the citizens of this formerly great nation. “Obama will, of course, usher in more decimation of our Constitutional liberties if elected President,” speculated a DC lawmaker, “because, if he is elected, he is undoubtedly an agent of the organization that secretly runs this nation.”

In light of this control that The Group exerts over the voting public, it is imperative that we find some way to expose, and loosen the grip that, the organization of the wealthy elite hold on this nation. Until that day comes, it doesn’t matter if it is Obama or McCain, or even the Ice Witch Hillary, the people of this nation will always be a mere afterthought when it comes the actions of our governmental officials.

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Stephanie M said...

Its hard to type AND smoke your new ciggys at the same time.

I have to say how impressed I am by your news report on Obama - you are so in the know! I only found out about the passport breach this morning at 7:53 am, and you wrote this last night. Kuddos!