Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ObamaCare To Promote Self-Medication, Suicide

Report by Janet Pennington-Davis, NY Chapter

President Barack Obama, who recently credited himself for “pulling our economy back from the brink” went on national television last week to plug a nationalized healthcare bill which many are calling ObamaCare.  Though neither the President nor any member of Congress have yet read the massive bill, Obama and key Democrats in both Houses are pushing passage of the bill before the American public has an opportunity to find out what is actually included in the healthcare plan.

Despite falling approval ratings prompted by rising unemployment and exploding national deficits, the President has taken up the task of producing a deal on the healthcare legislation that, if passed, will make substantial changes in the way Americans experience health care.  For instance, the bill mandates that doctors encourage patients suffering with depression to “self-medicate” with alcohol in order to keep medication costs down.  In a speech to the Senate on Monday, Harry Reid (D-NV) hailed the self-medication provision as a “win-win for the American taxpayer.  Not only will taxpayers not have to pay for depressed people’s drugs, we will see higher tax revenue from increased sales of alcohol!”

An even more surprising aspect of the President’s healthcare plan is the promotion of assisted suicide for chronically ill patients.  In his address to the nation, Obama responded to a question about this controversial issue by saying, “With my plan, there will be a reduction in the number of sick people.  Assisted suicide is just one tool that will help us reach that goal, and fewer sick people is good thing.”


The BoBo said...

If this somehow gets passed - I'll take the self-medication part - sans suicide.

Skip said...

I certainly can't argue with that self-medication plan.

Doctor Faustroll said...

Hell, that suicide part might work out OK if we could start with cops and politicians.

Dino said...

The self-medication mandate only tells that your government is not willing to stash the mega-profits of giant pharmaceutical companies, ...nor is it willing to let off the tax it imposes on the price of medicines so that the citizens can enjoy cheaper medicines.

It's even more inclined on promoting bigger profits
for wineries and the alcohol industry.

We're on the same boat. Our Cheaper Medicines Act can't get implemented here in the Philippines.

lina yuliana said...

Hell, that suicide part might work out OK if we could start with cops and politicians.

Anonymous said...

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