Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hate Crimes Spike as “Tolerant” Liberals Lash Out Against Christians

Report by Rev. Hank Halbrook, WI Chapter

While the national media is reporting a 53% increase in incidences of hate crimes this year, the fastest growing category of victims is being decidedly underreported.  Very often, crimes like the Colorado murder of Angie Zapata by Allen Ray Andrade who was shocked when he found male genitalia as he preparing to get his groove on, make the news, while attacks on Christian Fundamentalists goes unreported.  For instance, in March of this year, a group of vegan liberals attacked and killed a Christian immigrant hot dog vender in Columbus, Ohio; in April, a band of Gothic youths stormed a Christian youth group meeting in a church in Albany, NY, raping the girls and castrating the young males; In May, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, shot two Arkansas based Christian U.S. Army recruiters, killing one; earlier this month, a group of Young Democrats from the University of Utah burst into a student-led girls Bible Study and attempted to “beat the hate out of” a group young Evangelical college students.  Three of the eight college coeds were hospitalized from the attack.  In each of these cases, no mention was made by the national media.

In an era where many of the more radical politically left are demanding tolerance and diversity, increasingly, those same liberals are seemingly more inclined to use violence against Christian Conservatives to get their point across.  In a February incident, a group of liberal activists attacked an elderly church group involved in a peaceful hymn-sing.  The liberal youths were heard shouting “die you hate-mongering [expletives]!” and “Burn to Hell you close-minded, bigots!” as the senior citizens’ brittle bones were crushed beneath the torrent of young, liberal fists.  Despite the rhetoric spewed by the liberal national media about narrow-minded Conservative Christians being to blame for virtually all hate crimes, the incidents of hate crimes aimed at Christians has risen an astonishing 250 percent over this same time period just a year ago.


Harrison said...

I submitted your story to Beltway Blips!

Mike Golch said...

who says Christians can't be liberals??

EddieGarcia said...

What is this world coming to? I know this hasn't just begun but right is right and wrong is wrong. Just because we don't agree with something doesn't give us the right to beat it to death. These individuals will get what is coming to them when they meet their maker face to face. They are not going to like their eternal destinies!

Friends 4 Life!

Darryl said...

This is all interesting news. Isn't it about time that all those militant intolerant bigoted uber-conservative Christians get their comeupance? They are no different than the Taliban in their zealotry to shove their beliefs down our collective throats.

Just like that lunatic who murdered the doctor with his gun attack - these people will stop at nothing but complete domination of our fine nation.

Thank you for bringing this news of long-awaited justice to light.


Doctor Faustroll said...

I want to commit love crimes on Christians with my steaming insignificant penis. Lord knows they need something shoved up their asses to keep them smiling and marching as to war.

Dorothy L said...

Hate at any level will case war. The only winner in war itself.

Power, greed to me equal politicians.

Happy Independence Day!

Let us hope that we never lose it~

askcherlock said...

Hate flows from ALL sides, not just from Liberals. There are many Conservatives and those in between who are hate-mongers. I am not so sure as you are that it is political. It is a breakdown of morality in a passion play of poverty and desperation. What would you have said were you to have lived during the Hitler era when Jews, the learned and all others who were not blue-eyed blondes were rounded up? This goes way beyond politics. It would be interesting to see from what source you obtained your stats.

Caleb said...

dear God its funny when ppl dont get satire.

Anonymous said...

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