Saturday, May 3, 2008

Coulter: Creating Wealth, American Style

Report by Michael Stevens, IL Chapter

Conservative Political Pundit Ann Coulter announced today that she will soon be publishing a new book and related line of clothing. The book, Creating Wealth, American Style, “combines a history of effective money generating businesses, with specific details that the reader can use to begin their own money generating enterprise,” explained Coulter. The clothing line, accompanying the release of the book, is designed to celebrate the tradition of successful American business.

“I’ve always believed that history is the best teacher,” commented Coulter, “by combining lessons from the past with information about current technology, the reader will be equipped with a full toolbox with which to build their own successful business.” Coulter continued by saying, “A reader can learn from the bootleggers’ experience, and will have access to information on, say, making crystal meth in his or her own bathtub.”

The book includes a concise history of various business models, such as protection rackets, book making, bootlegging, and drug dealing. Additionally, the reader is given tips on how to effectively threaten and torture, clean up after a hit, buy and sell contraband, and produce high quality drugs with limited resources. The book, published by McMillian Jensen, will hit bookstores on June 1st.

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