Thursday, August 7, 2008

Politicians Bare All For Playgirl

Report by Pam Harris-Burkmeyer, KS Chapter

Playgirl magazine announced its annual Bad Boys of Government issue Thursday. This year’s issue features popular political icons Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, and the terminably flaccid, yet still somehow exciting, Dick Cheney. Each fall, Playgirl exposes top world politicians for the viewing enjoyment of political groupies across the country and World. Eileen Harrington, an Iowa housewife, mother of six, and longtime Playgirl subscriber reacted to news of the issue with glee, saying, “With all the candidates being crooked amoral bastards without redeeming character, Playgirl gives [women] an independent yardstick with which to measure our male leaders. The September issue is available now at newsstands everywhere.


Bee said...

Well, there went my dinner!

Janet J. said...

three words: H-O-T ... nuff said

~Static~ said...

Ummm, ew! =O