Monday, August 11, 2008

Lawmakers to Stop Tickling Children

Report by Hans Dingler, NH Chapter

The House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct has issued a detailed list of inappropriate behaviors for Congressmen, saying they should not kiss, tickle or wrestle children. The newest version of the Committee’s Decree on Child Protection also prohibits bear hugs, lap-sitting and piggyback rides. But it says House members may still shake children's hands, pat them on the back and give high-fives.  

Victim advocates who have criticized Congress for its handling of abuse cases in the past say they support the new measures as a step toward better protection of children.  The Senate has plans to follow suit with similar guidelines, but is expected to await a formal recommendation from child sex expert Senator Larry Craig (R-ID).


Anonymous said...

"After the bill was passed, 80% of the Housemembers resigned." One Rep who wished to remain anonymous (but he's from the 5th district) said, "It just isn't going to be any fun without the piggyback rides".

threio said...

What about cheek pinching and patting of heads?

Anonymous said...

Very much on target with your satire. You continue to impress. I thought I commented on the DHS issues warning to bloggers, but realized I hadn't. You almost had fooled on that one, even though DHS has had question and answer sessions with bloggers. Lots of questions, more than answers.

Also when I saw DHS, I was thinking of where I used to live Downingtown and thought it stood for Downingtown High School, but then I remembered they split into two schools East and West. So I was really confused until then. :)