Saturday, August 2, 2008

Abortion Debate Heats Up

Report by Herman Fuentes, CO Chapter

Although the abortion debate has historically generated a bevy of bad feelings between Conservatives and Liberals, the conflict took a turn for the worse in Colorado recently. On June 30th, a pro-choice group, Colorado for Choice (CFC), unveiled a billboard on the north side of Denver along the I-25 corridor which read, “Abortion STOPS Child Abuse.” According to CFC spokesperson Sunny Firestone, the sign was intended to emphasize “the need for abortion to keep children away from would-be parents who are woefully unprepared to raise children ... like college kids, poor white trash, and minorities.”

Just two weeks later, five miles south on I-25, a pro-life organization calling itself Screw Colorado for Choice (SCFC) issued a response to the CFC billboard. The follow-up billboard pointedly read “Murder STOPS Whiny Liberals.” SCFC spokesperson Rick Smith defended the billboard by saying, “we took issue with notion that only rich white liberals have the skill set necessary to raise children ... oh and we believe that life begins at conception so there’s there’s the irony that both of us are advocating murder.” Firestone, hearing Smith’s comment, responded, “What an [donkey]hole.”

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Stephanie M said...

Wow! with all that fighting on the interstate, it sure makes me glad to be living in the deep south - its so peaceful here...