Monday, August 4, 2008

UK Prime Minister Reaffirms Candidates' Wankerdom

UK's Brown Still Unexcited About U.S. Candidates

Follow-up report by Enid Washington, TN Chapter

Having half-heartedly followed the course of the U.S. Presidential contest, The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, told reporters at a press conference this morning that his April assertion that Barack Obama was “a right wanker” was "a more apt description than ever." Brown went on to say, "that assessment goes double for McCain."

Brown's unflattering evaluation of the U.S. candidates in April subsequently opened an international Pandora's Box of criticism for McCain and Obama. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, referring to the pair of White House hopefuls, recently said, "Le cerveau il etait en option chez toi" (The brain was optional for you).
Last month, Russian leader Vladimir Putin spewed, "Eedee k'chortu, svolatch!" at the candidates, but as nobody cares about Russia or it's language anymore, a translation was unavailable.


Stephanie M said...

I can't believe Valdimir said 'go to hell, ba****d!' How uncalled for! (I know these things, I am a Russophile, remember???)

David said...

Since Dubya can see into Putin's soul, I'm sure he could provide a translation...and really, he isn't doing much of anything these days anyway.