Saturday, August 2, 2008

Democrats Shocked to Learn Obama is White

Report by Sean Jensen, CT Chapter

What began as a jab, by Barack Obama, aimed at McCain’s obvious lack of blood flow, created a whirlwind of blowback for the Democrat nominee. In an age where negative campaigning is the norm, Obama, playing the game, released new ads attacking McCain for being an animatronic tool without a pulse, thus causing the Republican’s eerie, pale, ghost-like appearance. The unintended consequence of the campaign was to reveal Obama’s own lilly white ass, and the implication that he is, in actuality, just a well tanned White guy.

Brad Reynolds, a confused liberal with years of diversity training, indicating that he had decided to back Obama with the idea that supporting a minority candidate would prove once and for all to his minority coworkers that he is “a friend to those oppressed by the White establishment,” was particularly rocked by the revelation. “Now I’m just another White guy supporting a White guy,” said Reynolds with a sigh. A spokesperson for the Obama camp responded to concerned Democrats by saying, “Let’s not let the Conservative media bias take our focus off the fact that McCain is animatronic corpse posing as living person!”

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