Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Albright Implicated in Sex for Oil Scandal (3/8/99)

AoE Newsletter Issue #94 reported that the Senior Cabinet member was alleged to have provided sexual favors to the Crowned Prince of Saudi Arabia in exchange for more liberal oil export policies for the U.S.

Report from AoE Newletter by Roger Mintz, VA Chapter (March, 1999)

Despite her critics, Secretary Albright has certainly gone above and beyond for her Commander-in-Chief; recent allegations of Albright engaging in sexual relations at the President’s request seem to back up that claim. If the accusations are true, Madam Secretary can add ‘International Call Girl’ to her already impressive resume.

The alleged receiver of Albright’s sexual services is the Crowned Prince of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud, the de facto ruler of the oil rich empire since 1996. The Prince holds the key to much of the World’s oil reserves, and the major U.S. oil companies depend upon Saudi oil to turn tremendous profits providing refined petroleum products to domestic industries and consumers.

A DC insider close to the Clinton Administration disclosed that, “Albright has done an extraordinary service for the United States and should be viewed as a hero instead of a whore. If it weren’t for the brave acts provided by Albright to the Prince, our economy which is driven primarily by Big Oil could have been hard hit if the Saudis restricted oil exports.

It is no secret that the Saudi Prince has eye for older women, just last year it was rumored that he briefly courted Albright’s fellow American, Helen Thomas. It is likely that the Clinton Administration used this information to its advantage in sending Albright to “negotiate” on the oil issue.

The current Administration could benefit quite handsomely from the favorable outcome of the recent oil talks. The Clinton’s as well as the Gore’s have a great deal of money tied up on the oil industry as well has having received significant campaign contributions from major oil companies in the past. It is speculated by some pundits that the alleged “sex for oil” program has more to do with personal gain than America’s economic well-being. Given the personal assets that Albright has tied up in the Oil Industry, her potential gain from the oil stocks she holds could make her the highest paid prostitute in the World.  President Bill Clinton quickly decried the allegations, declaring that, “The Prince did not have sexual relations with that woman, Madeleine Albright.”


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