Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bush: ‘America Got Drunk’

Report by Fran Childers, NV Chapter

A firestorm of criticism has befallen President George W. Bush in the wake of a video that surfaced on YouTube recently. The video is a clip from a recent closed-door campaign fundraiser for Texas Republican Pete Olson, in which the President explains the circumstances surrounding his own election. “There’s no question about it,” Bush said, “America got drunk ... it got drunk and I’m the hangover.” Bush explained that he knew too well the consequences of hard drinking and partying, having had, on several occasions over the past 15 years, the need to wiggle out from underneath a “400 pound heifer” after a “night out with the boys.” The President continued with a knowing smile and a cool southern chuckle, “Let’s see how America will do wiggling out from under me.” In the video clip, Bush, pictured here, went on to describe the consequences of his years of cocaine use.

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