Thursday, July 3, 2008

McCain Gives ‘Screech’ Leadership Role

Report by Author Kanable, WI Chapter

Concerns over McCain’s ability to keep pace with the Obama campaign led to a shake up in the Republican contender’s camp recently. McCain personally announced Wednesday at a rally that former child star Dustin Diamond, of Saved by the Bell fame, would take over the daily operations of the campaign. Diamond will be taking on much of the role formerly performed by Campaign manager Rick Davis. A source inside the McCain camp divulged that, “Davis will stay with the campaign, but, thankfully, no longer be permitted to communicate with ... virtually anyone inside or outside the campaign.” 

Diamond, known to millions of Americans as TV’s lovable yet quirky Samuel “Screech” Powers, spent the last few years testing his skills as a stand up comedian, amateur porn star, and small time con-artist. Diamond said of the sudden change of gears, “Given my work experience of late, politics seemed a natural fit.” McCain lauded the addition to the team saying Diamond “will play a pivotal role in gaining support from young Americans and porn junkies.”


Y. Dont U. Respond? said...

Does he actually "screech"? Is that why he isn't allowed to talk to anyone?

AoE said...

"Screech" was Dustin Diamond's nickname on Saved by the bell.

It's Rick Davis who can no longer talk to anyone ... because he's an idiot I suppose.