Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kucinich Remains Undaunted

Report by Claire Stevens, PA Chapter

Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich was the pride of House Liberals again today after stirring up the Bush impeachment pot once again. Kucinich, who has introduced articles of impeachment countless times with the same results as his presidential bids, stood once again before the Judiciary Committee today, and once again, despite cheers from the committee’s Democrats, got nowhere. A Kucinich aide took a few moments to answer questions by phone about the irrepressible man from Ohio.

AoE:   Kucinich appears to be a squirrelly little man with no idea of when to quit, is that true?

Aide: Denny believes that Bush is a crook, he’s just doing what he believes is his job.

AoE: Granted, Bush is a crook, but with so many disappointments under his belt, wouldn’t Kucinich want to crawl under a rock somewhere and die?

Aide: Many of us around the office have long wondered what keeps Denny going; even he knows that whatever he puts his mind to will not end well for him.

AoE: Does he seem to be concerned about his repetitive failures?

Aide: Denny lives by a motto that he has hung on his office wall: “Keep expectations low, and nobody will know that you’ve failed.”

AoE: I’ve got another one for him: “Failure: stick to what you’re good at.”

Aide: Was that a question?

AoE: Did it sound like a question?

Aide: Bitch [Click]

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