Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Obama and Clinton Mix Business, Pleasure

Report by John Parish, VT Chapter

Presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama was discovered yesterday sharing a remote Vermont cabin with former rival Sen. Hilary Clinton. Though Obama insisted that the “meeting” was purely professional, pictures taken by a local resident indicate otherwise. “Senator Clinton and I spent the afternoon and evening engaged in a study of the firing of missiles, nothing more,” defended Obama. Clinton, who was on hand, quickly interjected, “Iran’s missiles, we were exploring Iran’s missile capabilities, just Iran’s missiles, no other missiles were explored.”

While unclear why Sen. Obama felt it necessary to take a private meeting with the former First Lady in a remote cabin in Vermont to discuss Iran’s military strength, Obama came away from the meeting with a tough new stance against Iran. "Iran is a great threat. We have to make sure we are working with our allies to apply tightened pressure on Iran,” commented the Democratic nominee. Speculation swirled that during the rendezvous, Clinton’s ability to about-face on the issue of military force in the Middle East must have rubbed off on Obama, following his statement that, “The U.S. must address Iran’s recent missile testing as a direct threat against our nation’s security and take whatever steps are necessary to alleviate that threat.”

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