Thursday, July 31, 2008

Clinton to Madison: take that Constitution and shove it! (5/14/98)

AoE Newsletter Issue # 86: President Clinton gave chief architect of the United States Constitution James Madison, a postmortem slap in the face, adding, “You know where you can stick that parchment bitch!” 

Report by Dan Janson, VA chapter. (May 1998)

Clinton’s attack on Madison came as a shock to many in Washington. “We’ve all trampled the Constitution, which is no big deal because it was written like 200 years ago, back when there wasn’t even microwaves, but to dig up the former president just to smite him was probably going to far,” commented one legislator. The long deceased Founding Father responded to the attack by immediately turning to dust as the shock of the attack on his weathered and deteriorated bones was simply too much for his weakened skeletal structure to handle.

The assault came just one hour after Clinton signed an Executive Order making state and local governments subservient to federal regulators. This is just the latest in a series of attacks on state sovereignty, the Constitution, and the rights of the American people. Clinton defended the Order and the attack on Madison’s corpse by saying, “I am just so sick of looking at that picture of Madison in the White House, he drove me to this point by continually staring at me disapprovingly from inside his frame, as if to say ‘that’s not what Constitution says.’ Screw Madison and screw his stupid Constitution; It’s my country now and I’ll do as I please!”

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