Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rev. Jackson Threatens Obama’s Manhood

Report by Kris Stenler, LA Chapter

Following an interview today on Fox News, Rainbow Coalition founder, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, made a derogatory comment aimed at Sen. Barack Obama which was inadvertently picked up by a microphone. The content of that remark did not bode well for Obama’s reproductive capacity. Jackson, though supportive of Obama’s campaign, would nonetheless like to “cut [the Democratic candidate’s] nuts out.” When pressed further on the issue, Jackson clarified by saying, “I misspoke, while it is my wish for Barack to be castrated, I didn’t necessarily mean that it would be me doing it or even that it be done with a sharp object. Any person using any method by which sever the offending anatomy will suffice.” Jackson went on to describe various acceptable methods, such as “ripping off”, “crushing with a vice”, inserting into various devices such as a “blender or woodchipper”, or “simply nipping off with a hedge trimmer.”

A spokesperson for the National Association for the Advancement of Eunuchs (NAAE), condemned, in a rather high-pitched voice, Jackson’s statements, saying that “such careless statements regarding testicle removal subjects an entire class of testosterone deficient men to greater scrutiny and discrimination.” The Obama campaign could not be reached for comment, although an unnamed Secret Service agent assigned to Obama reported that new security measures would be put into place to combat the threat, saying, “the Senator will be wearing a cup.”

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