Monday, July 14, 2008

Stephanopoulis Under Control of Satan (1998)

The AoE has been engaging in hard-hitting political journalism since 1989. Check out past issues like this at the bottom of the page: July 4, 1998 AoE Newsletter Article exposed how former senior advisor’s career may have been advanced by a pact with the Devil. 

Stephanopoulis Under Control of Satan

Report by Renee Higginbottom, OR Chapter

Recent reports indicate that George Stephanopoulis, former senior advisor to Clinton and current commentator for ABC News, is in league with the Prince of Darkness. Speculation about Stephanopoulis’ relationship with the Father of Lies has existed for several years. Though his obvious lack of talent alone wouldn’t preclude a successful political career, when combined with his displeasing physical appearance, lack of charisma, and persistent body odor make any other explanation for his success impossible.

George’s satanic pact had been mere rumor for several years, but in recent months, evidence has surfaced that substantiates the claim. In March, an unnamed White House source reported that Stephanopoulis and Satan held a joint meeting with Clinton and the First Lady. In April, an ABC staffer overheard George and the Devil arguing over what sounded like the eternal condition of George’s soul. Further, in June, George was caught making what appeared to be a blood sacrifice to to his Lord, Lucifer.

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