Friday, April 18, 2008

UK Prime Minister Calls Obama, Clinton, “Wankers”

Report by Enid Washington, TN Chapter

The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, told reporters Thursday evening that he believed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were “a couple of right wankers.” Brown, who met with each of the three leading candidates separately on Thursday at the British Embassy in Washington DC, mentioned that he had suspected the Democratic candidates’ wankerdom for months. After watching Wednesday’s Democratic Primary debate between the two, and having spoken to each of them in private, Brown stated that his “suspicions were confirmed.”

Clinton reported to the media that she spoke with the British leader about the war in Iraq and global warming. Obama revealed that he and Brown talked about strengthening the bond between the UK and US, the global economy, and Africa. Brown, when asked if that was true, responded by saying, “they may have been going on about those things, but all I heard was ‘bla bla bla bla,’” while mocking the candidates with with a peculiar up and down, fisted hand gesture.

Despite the international problems of the last two Presidential terms, the US and Britain have maintained a close working relationship. It appears that if a Democrat resides in the White House next year, that relationship could become strained. “What a sad lot you yanks have to choose from eh? It’s a bit like digging through the trash to figure out what’s for dinner; it doesn’t matter what you choose, it’s all rubbish.”

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Stephanie M said...

I thought Winston Churchill was Britain Prime Minister?