Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bosnian Rebels Response to Clintons: “WTF”

Report by Nancy Peterson, MN Chapter

Bosnian Rebels, spurred on by Bill Clinton’s defense of his wife, responded by saying, “WTF!,” continuing, “What, are we the stupidest people on Earth? Yeah, we wanted to piss off the only Superpower in the World by shooting the President’s wife. Borat was from Kazakhstan, not Bosnia!” Hillary has claimed that she landed in Bosnia, during her husband’s Presidency, under sniper fire, though she has since retracted that statement. The American Press has defended the Bosnian people by showing footage of the day in question. Contrary to Hillary’s claim, it was peaceful reception where Mrs. Clinton’s biggest threat was an 8 year-old girl. One DC insider commented, “This shows Hillary Clinton’s stupidity, and exactly why Group X chose to make Obama President instead of her.”

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