Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Snedley’s Introduces Bacon Fatted Fruit Jams and Jellies!
Sponsored Editorial by Thaddeus Stanley, Senior Publications Officer

Since the summer of 1926, when Elmer Snedley first introduced his famous Bacon Fatted Apples, Snedley’s Family Farms has been supplying the nutrients Americans need, with a side of tasty bacon fat. Snedley’s offers a wide variety Bacon Fatted fruits and vegetables, made with Professor Eric DeGroff's patented Fat Marbling process, and available exclusively in your grocers meat section. Yes, The Snedley’s have been doing it right for over 80 years, and they just keep getting better.

The Snedley’s are proud to introduce the newest addition to their fine line of products, Snedley’s Family Farms Bacon Fatted Fruit Jams and Jellies. These delicious toast toppers are made with only the freshest Fatted Fruits, grown by the Snedley’s themselves. Grandma Emma Snedley began serving her family Bacon Fatted Apple Preserves three quarters of a century ago, and now the love that went into each of Grandma Emma’s jars of preserves are available to your family. There are many varieties to choose from, including strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, peach, and apricot. So, start a new tradition in your home, serve Snedley’s Bacon Fatted Jams and Jellies every morning. It’s the taste your family will wake up for!

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