Thursday, April 10, 2008

Citizenry Manipulated by Partisan Politics

Report by Danielle Buress, MI Chapter

Most Americans have been taken in by the supposed rift between so-called liberals and conservatives. While amongst everyday people such a rift may exist, in Washington DC the divergence in political views is merely a show for the citizenry. “Lawmakers understand that if everyday conservatives and liberals are fighting with each other, they remain oblivious to the real enemy,” explained one government pundit, continuing, “which, of course, is the establishment running our country.” Take, for example, the long relationship between supposed conservative Grover Norquist and purported liberal couple Joan Blades and Wes Boyd.

Norquist, who, at the request of then President Ronald Reagan, founded the conservative organization Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) in 1985, seems to be a staunch advocate for conservative ideas. Conversely, Blades and Boyd, who established the liberal political action committee in 1998, have become virtual democratic party power brokers. Interestingly, Norquist, Blades, and Boyd, despite perception to the contrary, are best of friends.

A neighbor of Blades and Boyd, who wished to remain nameless, reported that Norquist “is always dropping by their house for some party or another” Although the threesome takes pains to avoid being photographed with on another, their guard is let down at small social gatherings. At one such event, a BBQ at the home of Blades and Boyd, the aforementioned neighbor shot the above picture of Grover Norquist (l) with Joan Blades (r) in the backyard. The public show of animosity toward one another is noticeably missing in the photograph.

“This is all part of the orchestrated plan,” stated a White House staffer on the condition of anonymity, “it’s a shell game being perpetrated on the people. The left blames the right, the right blames the left, and nobody suspects the true culprit, which, of course, is the cohesive establishment the governs this country.” The glue that keeps the establishment together is the elite pseudo-nobility class known only as Group X. This group, collectively, owns or controls 98 percent of the media outlets in the United States, and uses pawns like Norquist and Blades to create news that keeps the citizenry’s attention off the real threat to our liberty.

“MoveOn and ATR are just puppet organizations, window dressing for the masses if you will,” described Bob Olin of, a PAC dedicated to revealing the true nature of political motives in Washington DC. Olin continued by saying, “Americans need to wake up to what is really going on. It’s time once again to dress up and throw tea into the harbor. We have a King, we have a tyrant, and his name is Group X. MoveOn is the Duke of Liberalism, and ATR is the Earl of Conservatism, and both owe their position to the same progressive, neo-conservative sovereign.

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