Monday, April 21, 2008

Hillary Adopts Bill’s Half-Hearted “Thumbs Up”

Report by Shepard Davis, RI Chapter

In an effort to revive a failing campaign, Democratic contender Hillary Clinton unveiled her latest attempt to secure the party’s nomination. Over the weekend, Hillary began using the half-hearted “thumbs up” gesture made famous by her husband Bill. The gesture, which mimics the traditional “thumbs up,” whereby the thumb is fully extended upward, is in contrast only at about a 45 degree angle or less from the curled in pointer finger. Non-verbal communications expert Dr. Karen Legosy explained that, “the Clinton thumb gesture appears to convey a feeling of sincerity to many people, it is not as aggressive or threatening as fully upward extended thumb.” One unidentified Clinton aide revealed that, “Clinton believes that the fully extended thumb reminds people of detestable hitchhikers, and she doesn’t wish to be likened to some poor trash that can’t afford a decent luxury automobile.

Only time will tell if the Bill Clinton inspired gesture will give Hillary the extra kick that her campaign desperately needs.  One thing is certain, now that Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Party, is putting increased pressure on superdelegates to make a decision about which candidate to back, the change could not come at a more apropos time.

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