Monday, April 21, 2008

Despite Gun Ban, Chicago Gun Deaths Persist

Report by Edgar Cleveland, IL Chapter

Chicago, one of only two major U.S. cities to have enacted comprehensive gun bans, endured a violent weekend with 32 shootings and 6 gun related deaths. Apparently, some Chicago residents are not aware of the ban. Latin Kings gang member Ramon Vasquez admitted, “I was total unaware of the ban, I feel foolish now not having known, but they really should have done a better job of publicizing it.” Rival gang member Lamar Jones reacted by saying, “had I been aware of the ban I certainly wouldn’t have popped a cap in that [Latin King’s] ass; I would have just had a proper discussion with him and we could have worked out our differences.” Some area gang member reported having known about the ban. Ian Trevors, a member of the Gangster Disciples offered, “I knew about the handgun ban, so therefore I opted for an AK47 to shoot that mother [humper], I certainly don’t want to be accused of violating a published Chicago ordinance.

Whether it be an ignorance problem, a loophole problem, or simple disregard, the Chicago gun ban doesn’t seem to be accomplishing its goal. Gangstas and criminals persist in the use of handguns and other firearms to perpetrate crimes, cap asses, and “regulate” to ensure continued revenue from illegal activities. Meanwhile, law abiding citizens are powerless to defend themselves against armed criminals because of the ban. “So if I were willing to break the law I could use a gun to do so, but if I sought to follow the law I can’t protect myself from those who break it?” questioned area resident Paul Edwards. It seems Mr. Edwards sentiment is true and Chicagoland residents, at least until Heller v. DC is decided, will be held captive by the gun ban.

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