Monday, April 28, 2008

It's Not You, It's Him

Sponsored Editorial by Thaddeus Stanley, Senior Publications Officer

It's not your fault that PMS happens, why should your mate or loved one get irritated by your hormonic breakdown?  Now you can help him be a better man!  Simply apply PMS OFF directly to you mate.  Apply directly to your mate.  The organic herbs and pheromones in PMS OFF work with your mate's natural body chemistry to make him oblivious to your hormone induced psychosis.  With PMS OFF, he will see you as the beautiful, loving goddess that you are instead of the raging pre-menstrual lunatic that you have temporarily become.  PMS OFF, apply directly to your mate.

Not in the mood?  Try BACK OFF.  Apply directly to your mate.

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Caleb said...

im so glad to see that this blog continues even during finals. or are you done? and this product is sponsored by the folks from Heros!