Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama Offers V.P. to Vic Mackey

Report by Susan McKonkey, SC Chapter

A source inside the Obama camp revealed that Barack very recently extended Vic Mackey, from the popular cable series “The Shield”, an offer to join him the Democratic ticket. Obama, who had been looking for a tough-as-nails Washington outsider, and with Clint Eastwood unwilling to reprise his role as Dirty Harry, considered Mel Gibson’s Martin Riggs and Bruce Willis’ John McClane, but finally decided on Mackey because of his ability to “work the system” and “get the job done”.

The V.P. selection dispelled the fears of many Democrats that Obama ticket would be considered soft on crime, however, “Detective Mackey’s kick ass first and take names latter reputation should play well with the voting public,” offered fictitious LA City Councilman David Aceveda. Danielle “Danny” Sofer, Mackey’s coworker and on-again-off-again lover, suggested that perhaps Obama is hoping that Vic Mackey’s rugged bad-boy persona will help secure the female vote. Then, biting her lip softly and seductively, she added, “Mackey does it for me.”

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