Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama Calls for Donations to Hillary

Report by John Parker, AK Chapter

Hillary Clinton overspent revenues by $22 million during her recent White House run. “This just proves what a great President Hillary Clinton would have been,” defended former opponent Barack Obama, “She overspent by millions of dollars on something that a majority of Americans adamantly didn’t want.” Obama has gallantly taken up the charge to encourage donors to give generously to Hillary’s debt. “The Clinton’s can’t possibly be expected to bear this burden alone; this debt is nearly as much as Hillary’s annual dividend check from her Wal-mart stock, and roughly the same as the annual rent due for Bill’s New York office,” explained Obama.

Some Democrats have questioned the wisdom of donating millions of dollars to the uber-wealthy Clinton’s, rather than the millions of Americans who face much more dire financial circumstances. John Hammond, a Iowan with a small family farm, lost his home, nearly half of his heard, and virtually all of his crops in the recent midwest flooding, wondered, “I’ve got five dollars to feed my wife and three children for the foreseeable future, we’re living in a tent without electricity or running water, and I’m better off than any of my neighbors. Why is that dumb bastard telling people to send help to the Clinton’s?”


Stephanie M said...

Obama and Hillary look like they've made a love connection in this picture - you may want to explore that? I am very good at detecting these kinds of "secret relationships". You might say I am a private looooove detective (of sorts).

AJ said...

When he lost half his heard, did he get slapped in the ear or was he just trying to hoard wax?