Friday, June 13, 2008

First Daughters to Share Playboy Spread

Report by Richard Dinkins, OR Chapter

Current First Daughters, twin sisters Jenna and Barbara Bush, and former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton recently revealed that they signed a record deal with Playboy magazine to appear nude together in an upcoming issue of the well known men’s magazine. The pictorial, which is to be called “Girls of the White House” is not the first of its kind. The spread is following in the tradition of Patty Reagan, who famously disrobed during her father’s tenure as President of the United States. Fathers George W. Bush and Bill Clinton issued a joint statement calling the layout “an excellent example of bipartisan camaraderie.” Separately, Bill Clinton noted excitedly that he has "been itchin’ to see those Bush girls naked.”

A White House insider disclosed that Playboy also made First Lady Laura Bush a lucrative offer to undress for the camera, but Mrs. Bush declined saying that “certain aspects of her anatomy were reserved for her husband’s eyes only.” Upon hearing whispers of the offer made to Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton reportedly contacted Hugh Hefner directly demanding to know why no such offer was made to her. Hefner apparently replied that “it would be in the best interest of everyone for [Hillary] to keep [her] clothes on.”

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