Friday, June 27, 2008

Special 2nd Amendment Issue of the AoE Newsletter!

Attention Cadets!

The new issue of the Official Semi-Sporadic Newsletter of The Army of Epiphenomenon is in the mail now!  Inside you will find:

Scalia Swats Back the Hand of Tryanny!

Report by Edward LaBrosse, DC Chapter

United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia issued the majority opinion in the DC v. Heller case today, salvaging for now, our Second Amendment right to bear arms.  The opinion which can be read in its entirety at Findlaw ...

NC Bucks License Plate Trend

Report by Jennifer Jenkins, NC Chapter

In a contraversial move, North Carolina abandoned the practice of avoiding potentially offensive license plate letter combinations in order to comment on the current state of affairs in Washington DC ...

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OMG from SC said...

WTF - I didn't know NC allowed vanity plates?